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Thread: PowerMTS 221 STI Adapt Snap On MHG5-B spool gun?

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    I picked up a very nice used Snap On MHG5-B this past week and was thinking of making my old Lincoln mig welder that I have had for 25 years a dedicated spool gun machine. I have sense rethought that and I think I want to convert the spool gun to work on my MTS221. I have found a few threads where people converted older mig machines to use various spool guns on but I have not found much on the topic of using this spool gun on an Everlast machine. Is there anywhere I could find a pin out chart of the plug on these machines or some kind of wiring diagram? I think there only 4 wires that are needed for the spool gun being it handles the wire speed on board. I found the manual for the Snap On MHG5-B and it has nice detailed wiring diagrams but I can not find anything on the power MTS 221 STI. Any help and advice on this would be great.


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    No one has a pinout diagram for the MTS 221 they will share?

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    After messaging Tech support they kindly sent me a pinout diagram for the spool gun. I did some testing with a meter and the spool gun wire feed speed is controlled by the MTS221 by varying the voltage to the drive motor. The spool gun I have has on board wire feed speed adjustments so I would need a constant 24v present at all times. I guess if I am thinking correctly, I could just adjust the spool guns wire feed speed to max and use the MTS to change the feed speed. I have the Euro adapter on the way and I believe it will be a simple conversion on the end of the spool gun.

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