Just starting to look into these two for my next purchase. I deal with a lot of 16 gauge stainless panels to 3/8" brackets for my line of repair work for the hospitals that I contract. Besides doing service work on the machinery, the fab work is starting to pick up steadily. I currently have a Power I-MIG 200 that I bought back in 2013 and it's still going strong but would like to have a backup.

I like the 353 DPI since it comes with a water cooler so I'm hoping to use it not only for the MIG but I have a Power TIG 255 EXT that I can use it as well. Besides the stainless work, I'm starting to work on body panels on trucks and cars. I seldom weld aluminum and if I need to, I use the 255 EXT. The speed of the process is not as important as a good-looking weld. Most projects I have the time to get things done but on occasion, I have an urgent repair job that needs to be welded up quickly!

I guess I'm trying to find a good excuse to pick one up besides being a tax write-off so any input would be greatly appreciated!