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Thread: anybody ever here?

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    Question anybody ever here?

    have several questions bout my recent purchase at everlast. thought this might be the place for some answers but second guessing myself now.

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    The forum isn't very lively, but Mark, from Everlast, usually gets around to fielding most every unanswered question eventually.

    Several other forum members might respond to a question about using a particular Everlast unit though.

    I'd give Everlast a phone call for questions about registering a unit, or stuff like that. I mean, when I got my 210EXT, over 5 years ago, I think there was a paper form to send in to them. But, I don't fully recall.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    The weekends are mine...not to spend on the internet, but rather with my family, in the garden, cutting grass etc. I do try to take a look on the weekends, but this past week saw a couple of busted waterlines under the house, so I got behind.

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