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Thread: TIG only vs MTS

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    Im deciding between getting a TIG only (like the 325ext) and a MTS 275. I have a small 220v MIG already (Hobart 180amp). MIG on the MTS has more features than my Hobart, but I probably would only use the MIG for steel once I have a TIG. So, is worth losing some TIG amperage to to have slightly better MIG if I?m only using the MIG for mild steel?

    Even with the TIG, I will still mostly use it on mild and tool steel. Occasional aluminum. Most of what I do revolves around forging steel.

    Thanks for the advice

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    You are really not loosing anything. The 275 would have more power than you'd need for anything you'd tackle imho. If you want one, give me a call at 877 755 9353 ext 204. They are in stock but the 325's are out right now, and the ports are backed up for weeks.

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