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Thread: Powerarc 140STi

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    Default Powerarc 140STi

    need advice on where to get a replacement capacitor for my powerarc 140STi -- it is marked as a L222 5070 apparently 2000 volt capacitor -- it popped when using it on a field generator which we think must have surged.

    the untrained eye says it is 2 micro farad 2000 volt foil capacitor.

    I need it to get my welder back and working for spring welding at the farm

    Can anyone provide advice svp

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    If it is on the board, the whole board should be replaced. The unit should still be under warranty IF it was run on a generator rated for clean power output. If not, well, it will still need a board, even if the warranty is voided or you may have some cascade failures later.

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