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Thread: MTG 252 STI Trouble

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    So im running into a bit of a problem. this is the first welding machine that i have bought and when i turn it on it runs for about 20 seconds or so then there is a huge bang and then what sounds like grinding and the machine turns off.
    Ive tried turning turning it back on again but it just does the same thing but last time it was then followed by a like burning smell but not. i don't know how to properly explain. sorry I can add a video if my explanation isn't clear enough.

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    That sounds (smells) bad enough that I'd just call Everlast for an RMA and send it in to them, as it's on warrantee for the parts and labor. Shipping will cost you a bit, but you'll get back a fully functioning unit.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Call the guys at 877 755 9353 ext 207. It sounds as if the breaker is tripping and you have a bad pcb or igbt in the unit.

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