For those of you needing a water cooler we've had quite a bit of new ones shipped in. Some one added an extra zero to the order? lol. Anyway, there are a lot of them, and we need the space in the warehouse. These are the PowerCool 300 units, and fit units as far back as 2010. These can be used with any welder really, regardless of brand. Keep in mind these are 240V coolers and are fitted with the old dual voltage computer monitor type plug that we use on all our TIG welders. This cooler is rated for 350A @ 100% duty cycle, which is a tad conservative. It should cool up to 375 to 400A without any issue, and match the duty cycle of any welder we sell (as well as most brands). This is an extremely durable cooler, and has been for years.

This will fit new and old series. This unit does not stack, but it does make a nice package with the PowerCart 250.

This unit uses an Italian stainless pump and bronze impellor. It also uses an Italian sealed heavy duty industrial motor that direct drives both the pump and the fan.

The radiator is a a true copper core. If you compare to similar units on the market, you'll often find simple aluminum coiled tubes that offer the cooling effect. This unit uses an actual radiator type design and is very efficient at cooling.

To buy, click through here (pick up a PowerCart 250 while you are at it.). Cooler:

OH and price is 350.00. Still covered by the 5 year warranty.