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Thread: My sweet 250EX has gone on siesta...

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    Default My sweet 250EX has gone on siesta...

    I was welding with my 250EX an lost high freq. so I uncovered it, adjusted points. Great! Back to welding beautifully! After about an hour, it stopped welding. Still have high frequency but no current. I check all connections. Took cover off and visually inspected it and blew it off again. Still no current. Can anyone lead me in right direction? Thanks.

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    Sometimes we just get lucky... just before my 250EX quit working, I ordered a 20 series 25? torch. It arrived and when I hooked it up, machine worked.

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    So, you probably just smoked the previous torch/cable/hose then?

    Was it gas-cooled, and now you're going to water-cooled?

    I'd check your water lines for good circulation. Maybe there was some frozen lines.

    Does that 250EX have a direct plug for the water cooler, so that when the welder turns on, so does the cooler?
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    I previously had the big water-cooled torch. Yes, machine has direct plug for water cooler. I think you?re right. At some point I smoked the original torch.

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