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Thread: Which Everlast?

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    Hello. I am new to welding and looking at getting my first welder. I was looking at purchasing a Hobart HH140, then I saw videos on the Everlast welders. In your opinion, is Everlast something you would purchase again? I am also worried about repair issues, as I live over in FL. I was looking at the IMig 200 and 200E. Thanks

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    I wouldn't recommend any 115V MIG unit, especially a heavy transformer one, as it may not give you it's full rated output without a 30 amp breaker, which isn't typical for households.

    So, you can't wrong with the comparable Everlast 200 amp MIG stuff, since most are dual-voltage, inverter-based, have infinite adjustment (not tapped), and have better duty-cycles than virtually all other comparable units.
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    The 200 is the better of the two.

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