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    my power pro 256 has stopped working . I get an arc across the points but nothing beyond that , no plasme, no tig and no stick. the overheat light is on and comes on as soon as i start welder
    I had an issue right out of the box and had to send back for repairs. ( this is a sore spot for me) the welder that I got back was not the one I sent in and it was well used where mine was brand new and also it came back
    with loose power cable wire and the metal cover was missing screws. the machine did work but even though I wanted to send it back I needed it as it was a 7 week turnaround.
    Now I have nothing and too much time has passed, not even sure if Oleg still works for everlast.
    I did take it apart and check to see if there was anything obvious such as a burnt wire , relay ect but found nothing.
    i have also read through the threads and have found similiar issues but nothing exactly the same.
    Help is required..
    My thoughts are with no stick the problem has to be pretty basic .
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    The board sounds dead. You have a five year warranty on the unit. Call 877 755 9353 ext 207 to initiate a warranty claim and for further diagnosis. Depends upon how long you've had the unit, but we have a completely different warranty department now.

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