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Thread: Help: lightning MTS 275 not feeding (video)

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    Hey everyone, noob here. I'm attempting to feed some 0.035 ER 70S-6 wire through my new Lightning MTS 275. This is its maiden voyage, never used it before. The feed rollers are turning off by themselves after a second. Seems almost like some form of safety shutoff or something like that.

    - The drive rollers are tensioned near the lowest setting
    - The spool rotates fairly freely, but doesn't spin very much at all if I give it push


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    - After taking the video I swapped the spacer and the spool per instruction. No difference.
    - I removed the wire entirely, no difference.

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    Assumption: 20 views and nobody pointing out what I'm doing wrong, and after seeing another video on an MTS 275 with a failing MIG trigger I'm going to assume it's not me, but it's the machine. That makes two dead machines in a row without laying a single bead to date, lol (the first MTS 275 I got had a component blow on the PCB about 10-20 seconds after power on, fortunately great Everlast customer support had that machine replaced under the 30 day rule).

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    Update: well, I have to eat crow. The problem was "spot stitch". The machine turned on and had something called "spot stitch" on by default and therefore it was doing what it was supposed to: only run for a short period of time for every press of the trigger.

    Mystery solved!

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    Spot settings will get you everytime.

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