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Thread: 275P pulse settings? and spatter in mig mode?

  1. Default 275P pulse settings? and spatter in mig mode?

    Anyone have a chart with some basic settings for Pulse mode on the 275P? I have welded at work with a Miller 350p pluse welder for 10 years and it is amazing. I am having trouble getting good/consistent results with the everlast unit. Also seem to get a lot of spatter in standard mig mode? I really like the power of the everlast unit it just could use some better baseline guides/settings for getting it dialed in.

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    Inductance 75%. Start there. The results will vary based off the user's experience in setting a manual pulse. The 350P is a type of synergic pulse. It doesn't really equip you to set the manual pulse. It is just a process of trial and error. Use the slide rule miller guide or online app (or similar ones) for setting volts and amps in standard MIG. But again, pay attention to your inductance/arc force.

    For steel you need to be sure you weld with 90/10 gas.

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