Hello everyone. I am pretty new to welding except for the HH140 we have at work that tac with every once in a while. I am looking for a welder for my shop at home. I am looking for advice on a welder that will give me structural strength if I should decide to weld on my utility trailer in the future. The trailer is 3/16th angle. I dont plan on welding anything over 1/4". If I were to ever weld a tongue on my trailer or anything else critical, it would be in the future after I learn the trade. I do plan on building a table and some decorative items as well.
All I have at this time is 120v in my shop, but I do have an electrical panel. If needed, I could get a 220v plug wired in.
I know the Hobart 140 is not going to give me the structural strength that I would be looking for after the trade is learned, practiced, and becomes second nature.
In your opinions, what would be a good welder to look at to accomplish my goals i am really taking to liking the reviews on the Everlast welders. Am liking the Power I-Mig 200
Thank you, Mike