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    I cannot refind the thread but somebody asked a product question to effect, "Can any of the large machines be built to accept 380 volts 3-phase 50 Hertz instead of single phase power?"

    Therefore, can any of the large machines be built to accept 430 to 520 volts 3-phase 50 or 60 Hertz?

    By the way, I have seen 289Y500 volts and 300Y519 volts at 5 AM during the summer on Cleveland Public Power. On CPP's old distribution system the voltage during October to March is 6,900Y12,000 volts and during the other 6 months to 7,216Y12,500 volts so that their customers on 2,400 volts 3-wire 3-ppjase will get more voltage to run their air conditioners and air compressors.

    For the smaller machines that run on 220-240 volts single phase the voltage can be dropped from 277Y480 volts to 230Y400 volts using a 240-voltprimary 48 volts secondary buck-boost transformer connected as an autotransformer phase to neutral. ( Actual transformer primary is 240x480 volts secondary is 24x48 volts. ) When the power company jacks up the voltage during the summer it will work out to about 240 volts. ALL of the power companies here in Ohio either jack up the voltage to 125 volts open circuit at a 120-volt receptacle ( Cleveland Public Power and Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company ) or they maintain about 123-124 volts year round ( American Electric Power and Dayton Power & Light ) . On US power systems inverter welders and variable frequency drives for 480 volts definitely need to be good for use on 500-volt German electrical power.

    I have done a lot of industrial work and a fancy kitchen renovation and a fancy bathroom renovation that both blurred the distinction between residential and commercial. When I was moving a factory from an old 240-volts plant to a newer 480-volt plant the buzz box welder said 240 volts on the nameplate but when I looked inside to clean the thing and inspect connects the primary had 4 terminal and was good for 240x480-volt primary! So, I put a 30-amo 480-volt cord and plug on it.

    Mike Cole, Ohio Electrical Contractor License No. EL45,008
    Columbus, Ohio

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    We have 10% + or - on our 480V machines. Wye or delta doesn't make a difference. We also have 220/240V machines 3 phase capable machines. + or - 10%. They'll run on 208V, but adjustment accuracy may be affected. If it falls below 205, then you can blow an IGBT. But the 325EXT is a popular seller for 480V. It's about a 200.00 upgrade. Usually keep them in stock. The PowerMTS 400 can operate on 240V 1 phase, or 480V 3 phase IIRC.

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