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Thread: Ordering directly from everlast vs Amazon?

  1. Default Ordering directly from everlast vs Amazon?

    Finally ready to pull the trigger on a 200DV. Is there any reason to order directly from everlast? Any pros or cons? I would assume the warranty is taken care of directly through everlast, whether ordered directly or through Amazon.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    The Everlast website now seems to charges a shipping fee, but has the units priced lower than on Amazon.

    Everlast sells their units on Amazon with free shipping.

    So, Amazon may be the cheaper purchase, but I'd call Everlast and still purchase from them by a phone order which seeks to match the Amazon final price. They'd undoubtedly be happy to do that, since they'd have no Amazon fee or costs. So, that cuts out a middle man. And maybe even arrange payment by check or money order, to cut out the credit card fee.

    And that way, proof-of-purchase, with an invoice number directly from Everlast, may make a warrantee claim easier, if needed. I mean, purchasing from Amazon is through a middle-man, so it could obfuscate things.

    But I did initially purchase a PT185DV through Amazon, and then asked Everlast to redirect that shipment back to their warehouse, so that I could send them an upgrade payment directly, for a more advanced TIG unit, ultimately, the 210EXT. And they were happy to do that. I've had the 210EXT nearly 6 years now, and I'm still extremely happy with it.

    So, I'll recommend a "phone order", directly with Everlast sales staff, rather than giving Amazon money, needlessly, and without also going through the Everlast website, which could have a higher cost than via Amazon. And you're more likely to avoid sales tax that way, too.

    Also, consider getting the 210EXT, as it's on sale at around $350 more than the 200DV. I mean, the added Triangular waveform for thinner aluminum, the memory function, 10 more amps, and that interesting AC/DC Advanced Pulse feature are worth it, I think.

    I notice the Everlast website shows those unit with the new housings. So, I'd definitely call by phone to make sure you are being sent the new model.

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    Depending upon where you are, you will also save the tax.

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    Another plus for the 210EXT, is that it has a lower minimum amperage on AC, which is key for doing thinner aluminum.

    I think I've used my 210EXT down to .060 on aluminum, on a practice piece or two. But I doubt it could be done on a 200DV, as even a pulse wouldn't help there either.

    Honestly, I prefer about .100, or maybe around .080, as the thinnest aluminum for any projects or material that I use. So, the low amps and the added Triangle waveform were very helpful to me when I began aluminum TIG welding on my 210EXT, after upgrading from a DC-only TIG unit, about six years ago.

    Otherwise, on both units the DC TIG amperage is plenty low for virtually anything, including welding utility knife blades together, I suppose.

    Maybe Everlast can do a video on their new YouTube Channel, showing how low on amps a machine typically needs to be to do various gauges of thinner aluminum. I mean, I know Mr. TIG did a video years ago using an Everlast TIG unit to weld an aluminum foil seam up. But he did that using a DC TIG unit, impressive as it was. But, I'm talking about on AC, with more common aluminum material.
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