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Thread: 200DV Amperage requirement

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    Good day all

    I acquired a 200DV welder and am in the process of organizing and installing power for it.

    Manual doesn't state what it needs for circuit amperage.

    What size breaker does one need for the welder both 240 and 110?

    I emailed Support but their answer for 110/120 does not make so I am suspicious of the total answer.

    They stated it would need a 30AMP breaker for both 120 AND 240. Makes sense for the 240 but not the 120.

    The supplied adapter for 120 is a standard 15AMP plug. They are suggesting I use the supplied 15AMP rated adapter cable to plug into an outlet rated for 15 AMPS, but stating it needs a 30 AMP breaker which needs 10 gauged wire. Well that's just .....

    The documentation they gave me says I can plug into any "standard 120 volt outlet using the adapter available separately".

    Well I'm pretty sure that if I do that and they say I need a 30 AMP breaker for 120, the results won't be pretty. Worse if someone says "Oh, I need to replace that 15 AMP breaker with 30AMP one before it will work".

    Yes I know you can't run a 30AMP breaker with 15 Gauge wire, needs 10 guage.

    So, as Everlast says I can plug this unit into any "standard 120 volt circuit", why is it they say I need a 30 Breaker for 120 usage? That's not certainly not standard and it's also certainly not "anywhere".

    I've tried calling them but no one answers the phone.

    Thanks all.

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    Have no fear, even with an apparently used Everlast purchase!

    The 200DV will work well on a 30amp 240V breaker (in my experience), even if the inrush amps is slightly above that rating. I mean, I have a 210EXT, which calls for a slightly higher inrush amp beyond 30 amps, but will most of the time fire up without it popping the breaker, even if I did occasionally have to reset the breaker initially about 1-third of the time. (I used a 200DV, briefly, in this manner.) And my 210EXT, used in that manner, works on a 120V/20A circuit up to about 125 amps with no problem (unless using an extension cord, which garners about 110 amps).

    So, just plug it in and try it!

    Then tell us of your firsthand experience.

    I'm guessing that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the performance and efficiency of Everlast units at various amperage inputs.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    50 amps is the best to use.Consult article 630 of the NEC. It'll tell you all you need to know.

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    Yeah, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to the post. Sure, if you're putting in the power/service, more is better, i.e., a 50 amp breaker will undoubtedly work well for nearly any 250 amp inverter welder or below, I'm guessing.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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