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Thread: ATTN Everlast Who do I contact for partial shipping refund?

  1. Default ATTN Everlast Who do I contact for partial shipping refund?

    Was attempting to purchase some contact tips, nozzle and a drive roll when I noticed that shipping would be $15 for each item. So I called Everlast and figured I'd place my order by phone as I assumed this was a mistake. Was told to place my order then contact them again for a partial refund. Question for someone at Everlast is this, is this correct? and if so who do I contact?

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    Confused. So you already ordered and ordered again?
    If you order online, the shipping is what it is, but if they offered partial credit, take it. If you call in your order, they can manually combine the order into one package.

    Call ext 202 or 210 for any shipping related questions and or credits.

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    Reason I posted this was that I called and the person I spoke to said to place the order online and then contact them and they would refund the shipping charges. Seemed strange to me to do it that way. Six items (contact tips and nozzles) $71.00 total but shipping was $90.00. Found what I needed locally so I guess the next time I need something from Everlast for the Everlast welder I have, I'll order by phone. Thanks for the reply.

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