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    My son and I are looking to add a plasma cutter to our workshop. We don't have any particular need at this point and our shop is purely a hobby environment. We are looking at the less expensive entries in the Everlast line (we have an Everlast TIG machine and are very happy with it). One thing that keeps popping up is torch size. The Everlast 52i and 62i comes with IPT60 torch. It seems to me that a lot of the consumables in the market seem to be for IPT80 or size 80 torches. Should we be selecting a plasma cutter with an 80 size torch so that consumables are a little more readily available (we are in Canada). Can an IPT80 torch be paired to model 52 or 62i plasma cutter? Thanks for the help !!

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    I"m not sure, but here in the US, the ipt60 torches are more widely available. Everyone seems to be using that torch outside of the Miller/Hypertherm/Victor names in one form of the other.

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