I see Everlast has Quick Adjustment Guides or Charts posted for many of their MIG welders for initial suggestions on settings to give users a quick rough starting point when it comes to machine parameters for use with different wire sizes, different metals, and what power settings should be used.
Everlast doesn't have one posted for the 275P version - which would be a handy guide to paste on the inside cover to make reference to, when busy doing projects with difference material thicknesses..
Is there a reason other than there are a lot more variables involved with a 275P and too many to even give rough estimates - or is there another reason why one isn't posted similar to the 230i version, for the 275 model?
I have printed out the one for the 230i and stuck it inside the case of my unit for somewhat a quick reference - but it doesn't have the same upper limits of voltages and metal thickness capabilities to correspond with what a 275p model will do over that model.
Are or do the rough estimates of parameters for a 230i in it's upper range of 1/4" material thickness and 24 or so volts, still applicable to what a 275p would use up to that point and close enough to make use of?
I just could use a quick guide for using my 275p and it's too bad a similar or even more comprehensive guide for it wouldn't or couldn't be posted for it..
Thanks - Randy