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Thread: 275p Quick adjustment Guide?

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    I see Everlast has Quick Adjustment Guides or Charts posted for many of their MIG welders for initial suggestions on settings to give users a quick rough starting point when it comes to machine parameters for use with different wire sizes, different metals, and what power settings should be used.
    Everlast doesn't have one posted for the 275P version - which would be a handy guide to paste on the inside cover to make reference to, when busy doing projects with difference material thicknesses..
    Is there a reason other than there are a lot more variables involved with a 275P and too many to even give rough estimates - or is there another reason why one isn't posted similar to the 230i version, for the 275 model?
    I have printed out the one for the 230i and stuck it inside the case of my unit for somewhat a quick reference - but it doesn't have the same upper limits of voltages and metal thickness capabilities to correspond with what a 275p model will do over that model.
    Are or do the rough estimates of parameters for a 230i in it's upper range of 1/4" material thickness and 24 or so volts, still applicable to what a 275p would use up to that point and close enough to make use of?
    I just could use a quick guide for using my 275p and it's too bad a similar or even more comprehensive guide for it wouldn't or couldn't be posted for it..
    Thanks - Randy

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    The 275P is designed for highly experienced welders. Pulse is really set along a complex logarithmic line of multiple variables. It can be set manually, if a person is experienced, but a chart is not possible to make since every slight change results is a multitude of other changes that must be made to compensate.

    If you want something simple to set, and designed for easier use in pulse then the Power i-MIG 253DPi is more simple to set.

    If you didn't buy it for the pulse, the the 275S would have been a better choice.

    But as far as settings, it is easy enough to download an app (free, and there are several) for your rough settings.

    As far as using the 275P wide open, I'd suggest that you research how much power you need and correct welding techniques for most welding situations, and 275 amps is rarely used except in something like dual shield, with .045" in spray mode. If you don't know how to spray, then 230 amps is really going to be your limit as it is.

    But you use the synergic mig in lieu of a chart on this unit if you are unfamiliar with setting a MIG in basic mode. Amps/Wire speed/Volt requirements do not change across brands.

    To use the Synergic mig, just use one amp per thousandth of metal thickness (short circuit).

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    I'm not terribly experienced but intend to play around with several projects and learn a lot more - and did buy the unit for the pulse feature, but mainly for when I tackle doing some aluminum work with the spool gun especially.
    I do realize the 275p is a lot more complicated when you add in the feature of using pulse - but I'm just staying away from pulse related things right now trying to get an appreciation for it's power and gain some better feel for how it welds and as I said a chart to guide me and possibly others would have been helpful in that sense (as somewhat the 230i chart has been, to a degree) up past where the 230i signs off power wise
    I do or did intend to try and do spray - but with 75/25 gas I'm apparently can't and 90/10 or something approaching that combo appears to be very hard to source up here presently at least from my present supplier.
    I do have a growing appreciation and feel for the unit lately though after some early frustration with the synergic set up and before I tackle using the pulse feature or playing with spray, I intend to improve my feel for it much further.
    I've heard where pulse usually requires the voltage backed off a bit in order to have it work well in order to get full value out of it's capabilities - but especially that may refer to when doing spray specifically though..
    Thanks for the feedback I'll search around on-line for other guide suggestions that can be downloaded though - Randy

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    The unit is especially difficult to set for Aluminum. There is no hot start for the unit. It is best used for steel and stainless applications in Pulse.Again, the Power i-MIG 253 is designed for easier use and for Aluminum too.

    Do not try to use 75/25 for spray. It is hard on the unit because voltages are quite high. No it requires voltages to be high, and spike. With high levels of CO2, you just make that even higher as CO2 at high levels make the threshhold for spray transfer even higher.. 90/10 is common. Or even 98/2 would work. But for aluminum, if you are going to try, that requires pure Argon.

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    I do have a tank of Argon for when I get around to playing with Al but I want to get more familiar with the unit before trying to somewhat master that with a spool gun as well.
    I did watch a video that showed how poor the outcome was when someone tried to spray with 75/25 - so I know for sure it isn't possible with what I have presently. I'm not all that concerned with doing spray - it was just something I intended to try eventually and still may if I can latch onto a 90/10 or source for the right gas mix.
    I like the unit so far with what I have done with it - and just like any new or different machine it poses some new and interesting variables from past types I have owned or tried. Guess they all have some similarities and quirks - thus my initial question regarding the Guide to better help finding 'sweet spots'..
    I didn't particularly find the synergic mode that good initially when I tried using it - so I have just tried to find settings from using my own logic and trial and error tests, but after your comments I will go back and give it a better shot and see if it gets me into the ranges I need, a little quicker than somewhat flailing around in the dark sometimes and to some degree using the 230i chart I presently has somewhat helped to get me close to where I need to be.
    Thanks again for your suggestions and patience!

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    A lot of people "ignore" the inductance/arc force control and set it to 0. That is a huge mistake. Set it for about 65 to 75% and you'll do a lot better and settings will perform better.

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    Thanks - I will see what I have it set for presently - I thought I had somewhere around 50% but I'll have to check and adjust it some as you suggest here to see what the change does!..

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    I had set a limit for what I wanted to spend and sort of exceeded it already by looking at the 275p to a degree so, as much as a 253DPi was very appealing, that wasn't going to happen without some sort of decent sale going on and with virus things happening, the Canadian site didn't have a Canada Day (July 1st) specials nor would they tell me if they might have any deals later in this year, as they normally would have when I asked - nor even were they actually very even open to having me pick a unit up in person at their facility in Southern Ontario!
    I didn't want to wait from mid Summer all the way thru to Christmas/New Years hopeful of a deal and then find out they weren't open or doing any, so I had to drive 4+ hours to pick a unit up, (they wouldn't ship one to me here) and they didn't really provide much in the way of assistance, other than some directions and telling me they had stock..
    4+ hours in the Winter here could be OK or it can be a real mess and very dangerous depending on the day and hour of any day, of the week - so I pretty much went with the 275 so I could actually get one and use it this Summer some..
    I agree though the 253 is a nice unit - but $500 more or so.. and we don't have USA pricing here otherwise one probably be mine right now!

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    If you have a 75/25 tank, plus a pure argon tank and two regulators you can mix the two through a tee or wye to get the percentage of co2 you want.Click image for larger version. 

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