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    62I plasma cutter issues-operator error

    One year trouble free operation from my 62I ( Replaced an expensive RED one)... then I blew a torch up (my fault)
    Bought a new torch and couldn't get it to work right (helps if you put ALL the parts back in)

    I called, MARK returned my call within ten minutes..spent a half hour with me diagnosing it and giving me some helpful tips.. actually wanted to stay on the phone with me while I did the repair..
    I had left out a swirl ring when I did a electrode change.. just a stupid error and had blown up the original gun. 30 second repair and back in business. I dont have time for any down time in the middle of a job just like most of you ( I have multiple welders but just one plasma machine)

    Mark then proceeded to talk to me about my fabrication pressure.. just providing suggestions... from that conversation I'm buying a new 253-I mig from him today for an upcoming aluminum job

    Thanks MARK
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    It really is a treat for Everlast customers to have Mark so readily available, directly, on a forum like this and via the Everlast phone support, at no charge.

    And Mark is a consistent presence online and at Everlast. I mean, I?m guessing at most of the bigger corporate welder support lines, the turnover of people there is more ongoing.

    So, yeah, the Everlast forum and Mark as their long-time customer troubleshooter is a real plus for us Everlast users and customers.

    He gave me some quick phone support when I first got my 210EXT, more than 5 years ago, which was just a silly setting that I overlooked. And I'm still diggin' my 210EXT to this day.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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