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Thread: Lightning MTS 225 question about Power set

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    So I got my Lighting MTS 225 a few weeks ago... I bought a Lincoln Tombstone welder 40 tears ago when I was 15, I was never a great welder.... Now I know why, it was the machine not me. This MTS welds beautifully. Thanks to YouTube University I am learning to TIG and MIG.

    Now to my question, I have been Tig welding using the power set function. I was getting a divot at the end of my weld. After some research I learned that I needed to back off the power more at the end of the weld. However, it seems as though while in power set mode I was not really getting variation in power based on how far I pushed the pedal. So I put it into manual mode and have plenty of variable power. Why is that? Do I need to set the ramp up and down?



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    It is likely you have some setting off in the manual setting portion as it still needs to be set with items like Pre/post flow start/end amps etc. And that you are on pedal only, not pedal 2t or pedal 4t or any other combination your machine program version will allow.

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