Evening - I recently purchased a 275p I-MIG unit and it resides in my attached garage which isn't heated.
Is there a temperature range in the specs that I can't seem to find, that recommends how low of a temperature that Everlast welders can or should be used in?
Up here in Northern Canada - we can get down often into the low -40 degree range and I'm not likely going to be out in the garage doing any welding at that point!
But do Everlast welders have a temperature range that a unit like a 275p should be limited to?
For example - tonight will be close to 0 degrees C or 32 F for you non-metric guys - is it advisable not to fire up such a welder and use it at that temperature or even below that?
I often put a portable heater and warm up the area where this new welder will reside, often up into a decent range to do odd jobs, to the point where I consider it quite comfortable - probably into the mid 40 to 50 Fahrenheit levels, which I assume would be no problem - but it would be nice to know if there are there any real limitations to try and adhere to.