Hello. I recently bought the Powerarc 200sti stick welder. I purchased it because it has the capability of running e6010 electrodes. I have been using Lincoln Electric fleetweld 5p+ 1/8 e6010’s with it. Most of the time the arc keeps going out every few seconds. The odd time I can run a full rod without the arc going out. Very rare though. It’s very frustrating. I run the rode from 75 amps to 120 amps. The arc force is set between 60 to 100. The higher the settings the rod is very violent. Not sure if I need to try another e6010 brand or if my settings are wrong.

The the electrode holder that came with it was damaged so I purchased a tweco 250 amp electrode holder. Not sure what to do. I watch YouTube videos and on weld.com channel they seem to run e6010 electrode very nice using POWERARC 161STH machine. Maybe I should buy the POWERARC 210STL? Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks.