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    Hey folks, looking to get a new Tig machine. A few years ago I had a 250EX, but then moved and had to sell it. I'm looking to replace it and need a unit that is reliable enough to do project work like cromo roll cages, or aluminum fuel tanks, etc. So I'm thinking either another 250EX, or maybe 210EXT or 250EXT. What are your thoughts? Anyone here ran all 3, are they all up to the task of full days of welding from time to time. I have a shop with a plasma table and I mostly do signs and firepits, minor mig welding etc., looking to expand into offroad fab as well, like building trusses and rollcages etc.
    Feel free to share any info or thoughts.

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    I already know the 210 is out, duty cycle not there for what I may need from time to time.

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    The 210EXT has a 60% duty-cycle at max amperage, which is outstanding!

    I mean, here's a duty-cycle shootout video that demonstrates that Everlast's 60% duty-cycle rating for the 210EXT is actually quite conservative, too.

    I've owned my 210EXT for over five years now. Love the price and value, the digital interface, memory function, added Triangle waveform for lighter aluminum, etc.

    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    I'd say your likely right. But the other 2 machines have 100% at 200 amps. For 95% of the time the 210 would be more then I needed. But on days where your running constant welds on large aluminum fuel tanks etc it might not be enough. I'd hate to come up short on those days.

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    You're not going to find any brand of inverter 200 amp TIG machine with 100% duty-cycle at max amps.

    The Everlast 315LX is 100% duty-cycle at 250 amps, which represents a duty-cycle value that even some higher amp Miller Dynasty's can't match, on single-phase, unless you step up to around five times the price, e.g., the Dynasty 280 is only 25% duty-cycle at 280 amps, so maybe a Dynasty 400 or 700 could match the 100% duty-cycle of the Everlast 315LX at 250 amps.

    But, of course, the 315LX is only $1999.

    So, I'll recommend looking at higher amperage TIG units, in order to get 100% duty-cycle at 200 or more amps. You'll undoubtedly want a water cooler too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    I challenge the person to weld at 210 amps continuously for 10 minutes without what seems like a need for a fire suit. You will self combust at that level of heat imho without some serious protection. I can tell you that most people waaaayyy overestimate their need for duty cycle. Next on the list would be the 255EXT. If you are welding at less than that, duty cycle increases.

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