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    Good day,
    I am new to the forums and new to Everlast. So new, that I don't even own one yet. I am looking at purchasing 2 welders soon. One MIG and one AC/DC TIG. I have it narrowed down to either the IMIG 200 or 200E for MIGS, and either the 200DV or the 210EXT for the TIG units. I do gunsmithing on the side and truck modifications. That's what the tig will be for. Especially for aluminum. I have mostly tig welded in the past, a little stick, but no mig experience. I like the way so many cool projects people make using a mig welder. Simple and seems easy. Any help on the decisions will be appreciated. Thank-you.

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    Look at the Lightning series 225. That has everything you need together. Great price.

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    that is true. in a way i do like the all in one. the demo video was way too cool. basic presets and then all those parameter to adjust, let alone the lcd screen. looks like the specs match up with the individual ones i would like to get. the only detractors, and none are Everlast's fault would be: 1) the weight- i will have to move it outside my shop and/ or to my garage for some of the welding. 2) having an all in one, if there was some warranty work needed, i would have to ship it back and be without a welder. on the plus side again, it is a Lightning series. it could be fate: this was mine originally.

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    Well as far as the weight. This weighs less than the old Millermatic 211 and the current hobart 211. Many of the components in the machine are plug and play are are customer serviceable. Many issues are resolved by simply replacing the compents. Takes less than 15 minutes in most cases.

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    That makes me feel better already. at my day job, we also have great electronic diagnostic equipment, including a Huntron Tracker.

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    The Lightning 225 has been ordered!

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    That seems to be the most brilliant AC/DC TIG-MIG-Stick unit at 200 amps that can be had on planet Earth, and had at an outstanding value, too!

    I mean, I dig the added AC Triangular waveform on my 210EXT for thinner aluminum. And that "all-in-one" AC/DC Lightning 225 includes the Triangular waveform too. So, to me, the 225/275 Lightning units are truly "advanced-featured" AC/DC TIG-MIG-Stick multi-units.

    That large digital interface is even an advancement over my 210EXT, as well.

    Please let us all know back within this thread (or start a new one) how you're linking it as you start using it, and how any fabrication projects are helped by it as a space-saving multi unit.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    iT HAS ARRIVED! can't wait to set it up and try it out.

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    Don't wait. Get started asap. That's always the best approach.

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