Hello all,

I need advice. I am going to build a gazebo of sorts. It will consist of 3x3, 1/8" thick square tube sticks.

I will have shades and the like on it and it could behave like a sail so I want to ensure it is stuck to the ground well.

I plan on pouring square footings and bolting a 1/2" plate to it, which is in turn welded to the stick.

Sooo...1/8" think square tube secured to a 1/2" plate. How to go about it? My first thought was to gouge out a trough where the tube would meet the plate to act as kind of a bevel to fill with the bead. I was also thinking of using some angle iron t construct a plug, if you will, which would be welded to the plate first, the tube fitted over it as in play A into tube hole B, holding the tube off the plate by a 16th or 8th, and filling it all with the bead, thereby welding the tube to the plate as well as the pre-welded bead. (all this is done in the shop, then placed on the footing). Not sure if that is overkill or not. Sounds cool and fun though.

What am I missing? It's going above a spa so i don't want it collapsing in high wind.

Second request. Anyone know of a stupid simple application that lets you sketch out a structure and then based on the loads you tell it it will need to hold, recommend metal stock size?

All advice appreciated.


Don Thompson