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    Alright so I've all but decided to give Everlast more of my $$$ by purchasing a plasma cutter. This will be my first foray into that endeavor, as I have not used one previously. Looking forward to having one in my shop though. Further, I've kinda-sorta settled in on the 62i. Any feedback would be appreciated regarding that model. I wanted to "overkill" the selection in that I would buy more plasma cutter than I'd need. Rather have that than the other way around is the standard logic at play there.

    So. If you're a-gonna have a plasma cutter, you need a plasma cutting table, right? I searched online for ideas, watched a handful or less number of videos, etc. In the end I decided to go with a design that was similar to one of the YouTube videos. The guy is based in Lithuana I think, but that is a SWAG + 1/2. Might be Poland??? Guessing like no one's business...

    Although I had settled on that general concept, I wanted to draw my own design and use dimensions that I think will suit my use case scenarios (or at least most of them). With that decision, I set about cobbling together a set. Uugggghhh. In the end I have almost 7 pages and I think I must have over-complicated this thing. I thought I'd offer the design for review and am expecting to receive agreement, but we'll see, who knows. I mean you must decide on the collector and that involves some work, so ...

    Anyway, the design follows in the next few posts. Beginning now:

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    Soooooooo ..... yeah. Dunno fellas, 'just seems like a lot of math for a plasma table. There's bound to be an easier way that folk proceed with designing one of these. I merely used old school trig and geometry; that 'prolly led me down the over-complicated path. Anyway, feedback on that is welcome.

    Regardless of the complicated numbers-thing, the frame is the frame. And so I've made a start on that. This is (most of) the raw materials:

    And the beginnings of the frame:

    I'm actually further along than that, with that frame now together and into rusty metal primer. I decided to elevate the side supports up a bit, mostly as a stylistic choice. That's the only variance from the design thus far. I haven't uploaded data from my phone in a few days, so I don't yet have any pictures of that to post.

    The tubing is 2" x 2" x 1/8" for the primary frame members. The tubing for the slat supports is 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16". The angle is 1.5" x 3/16". The slats are 2" x 26" x 1/8". The bottom will have 1/8" diamond plate and cross members underneath. Those cross members will be made from whatever I have lying around. I also plan on adding side pull-outs, also made of 2" x 2" x 1/8" but more on that later.

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