I?m about to pull the trigger and order my first Everlast. I?m probably going to buy the I-Mig 200. My biggest hold back is getting mig consumables. I?m not new to welding, mostly stick, but I?ve got very little experience mig welding. So I?m expecting to make mistakes and bugger things up. Their is a local mom and pop shop well about 30 min away. The people running the registers are clueless and the old man that owns the store is hardly available. I could drive an hour to an airgas but when I call them on the phone for some reason lately they act clueless. My understanding is these are TWECO style mig guns. Ok great I know they sell TWECO at the places I shop. Which TWECO parts are compatible with the MIG 15? Also I?ve read that harbor freight tips and nozzles are compatible. Is this true. Harbor freight is a 5 minute walk from my house. I?m not big on HF welding stuff but if I can buy tips and nozzles it would be nice to know. If I needed something and did not have an hour to go get it.