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Thread: Everlast 225 TIG setup

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    New to TIG welding but not new to MIG or Stick. I'm welding carbon steel thin sheet metal body panels up to 2" square tubing so nothing really heavy. My question is with the ground on the DC port in the front what does my lead inside the welder need to be on, the + or the - terminal above the wire feeder?

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    I'm guessing that it doesn't matter, and I just took a quick look at the PDF manual, which doesn't seem to touch on that point, as it may be irrelevant, i.e., when in DC TIG mode, previous MIG settings and polarity (+ solid wire/- flux) don't seem to matter when in TIG mode. But, I'd double-check the manual if I were you. It does say something about keeping the MIG whip isolated though, as I suppose most will leave the gun and wire connected even when doing lots of TIG, generally. Although, maybe you could isolate it especially well by disconnecting the inner MIG polarity when doing TIG for longer periods and when MIG welding is not going to be used for a while. Mark, from Everlast, will have the best feedback on this, as I've never personally seen or used one of these brilliant new Everlast units.

    Of course, the one point for the Everlast AC/DC MTS units when switching from DC to AC TIG welding, seems to be that the ground lead has a special socket for AC TIG.

    Please let us all know how you are ultimately enjoying that new unit that has almost no competition in the entire welding market place on planet Earth, since it also includes added waveforms, like Triangle wave for TIG, which makes it's an "advanced" digital AC/DC TIG welder too, and not just a "full-featured" TIG unit, plus the MIG/Stick capability, of course. I really enjoyed having the added Triangle waveform on my 210EXT when I decided to start doing aluminum TIG welding about 5 years ago, as it was helpful on the thinner aluminum, even though you have to turn up the amps somewhat over what the Squarewave typically is set at.
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    Same here. I flipped through the manual and couldn't find it at all. Just curious cause I tried TIG welding and the internal lead was on the + terminal and the welder was setup for 20ga sheet metal so low amps and it was blowing giant holes in the material. Had to back up and punt and go to what I know a little better and MIG welded what I was working on.

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    20 gauge equates to .035 thousands, which is pretty tricky welding for a TIG newbie, or most anybody.

    Yeah, MIG is most often used for auto body sheet panels, etc.

    So, you undoubtedly made a sensible choice.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Anybody have any ideas?

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    It does not matter, especially if MIG gun is disconnected as it should be. If you are blowing holes, then it is likely a problem with the operator at this point. Were you using pure Argon? What amps were you using?

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    MIG gun was disconnected, using pure Argon, and I set the machine up with tungsten size and meta gauge and just tried it with what it automatically set it on. Wanna say it was 10amps.

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