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    I'm an RN Registered Nurse. Money is great, but the stress has become intolerable. I'm seriously considering quitting nursing and focusing more on welding. I'm considering quitting my full time medical nurse job and switching to casual once or twice a week nursing to free up more time building up a welding career over the next couple of years and quit nursing. I don't care the slightest about money, or benefits. mental health and enjoy what you are doing is so much more important.
    I'm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Considering purchasing a better unit soon. Probably the MTS lightning 275. That unit should be capable of any big or small job.
    plasma cutter, generator, truck...
    just dreaming out loud here.

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    well call me a prophet.... since I posted this work got so much worse as an RN that I officially registered as a student and start school at the local college Sept 9th in the machinery course which has welding also. to be a machinist.
    the plan is to quit nursing either tomorrow or after i finish the 2 year course in machinery.

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    Missed your original post. Sorry. Welding has its ups and downs. As you get older, you need to think smarter about your future as a welder too. Its hard on your body, so make sure you rise through the ranks, or have plans for your own business as that is an ideal situation for an older welder dealing with back ailments, or knee problems, or even vision acuity changes. It doesn't mean an end to welding, but it means you need to be able to think ahead about where you want to end up and what you wan to do long term. Learning to be a Machinist is a good way to make a healthy transition to a long term stable income and satisfying work. If you can, consider your own business after a couple years of getting experience. Start with that being your goal from day one of working for the "man".

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