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    Hello, recently moved to Nebraska with my wife and three young kids, and finally have a space to begin setting up a small home shop. Don't have a lot of room, basically a 2 car garage that also needs to stay a garage most of the time, but it's better than nothing and will work fine for a few years until I can build a stand-alone shop on the property. I've only welded for a couple years, MIG only, trained on-the-job for an assembly line building utility truck beds. I did that for about a year and spent another half a year at a small fab shop building frames for infrared ovens, basically a lot of square 1" tubing. Another 6 months was at a shop doing custom steel casement windows and doors, and I was the guy that built the frames and all the cross members and t-bar across the openings- LOTS of measuring and grinding and not much welding, since these things were going in multi-million dollar houses and we charged at least a few thousand each. Anyways, I'm basically doing office work now but want to keep welding as a hobby and maybe even to earn a small bit of income on the side, even if it just pays for supplies and materials to let me keep playing around with it. Looking to get into making home goods such as tables, light fixtures, shelves, various brackets and whatnot. Combined with a few woodworking tools I think I could make some neat things! I've never been a car guy, but I'd love to somehow get into that. I like the idea of doing some auto restoration and modification just for fun, maybe an odd engine swap or something for a weekend toy like an old Civic. Long-term I'd like to design and build a full tube-frame track car, but that's way down the road from now.

    Anyways, I'm still fairly young and have more questions than answers to most things, so please be patient with me while I learn!

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    Welcome to the forum, I look forward to seeing your projects.
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