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Thread: water cooler on water distiller

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    Default water cooler on water distiller

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    first time posting kind of here on this forum so not sure about the rules.
    here is my set up to cool the essential oil or water still to make distilled water.
    I was wondering if the same idea could be used for my soon to be purchased MTS 275 lightning welder.
    i've watched a few videos and it looks promising.
    anyone know information that is pertinent?
    thank you.
    not sure if that is the correct way to add links.

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    Everlast sells a water cooler for the TIG torch to a MTS 275 that is a perfect match, well-priced, and will even auto-start when the MTS is powered on, i.e., so no lapses in forgetting to turn on the cooler which could smoke a water cooled TIG torch pretty quickly.

    So, I'll recommend just buying the MTS 225 or MTS 275. And later, if you think a water cooler and torch might be best, just buy it from Everlast.

    Easy Peasy!
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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