Howdy Y'all,

Name here is Jeb. I am from Texas.

I got started many moons ago as a welder and graduated to QC/CWI. I currently work work a Metallurgical and Testing lab as the ASME welder testing inspector.

I recently purchased a 255 ext and am very impressed so far with what I have found right out of the box.

I am getting back to work as a welder part time and providing welding consultation to new mechanical companies adding welding to their list of services.

That being said you will probably fine me lurking posting in the Aluminum/GTAW/Pulsed subs.

.....its been a while since I struck an arc on Aluminum GTAW and will need some spoon feeding on the fundamentals of the machine and tungsten prep for welding thin Aluminum.

Gotta run. Pipe welders walking in the door.