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Thread: Problems with my PTM80 Machine Torch

  1. Default Problems with my PTM80 Machine Torch

    I purchased an 82i machine early this year to go with my DIY plasma table. I've had everything up and running for a couple weeks now. And have mostly been working on dialing the table in. Its a 5x5, lots of good parts. So today I was actually cutting out some signs for friends and to sell. I have gone through about 6 tips during the tune in process, cutting up a couple 4x8 sheets of 16 gauge and 1/8". I attributed the short lasting time to my tuning things in. Well i did one cut early today and lost a tip, so I replaced it and then cut a couple large signs, on my 4th cut I had another tip go while on the perimeter cut sadly. But it went bad, lost the outer and inner as well. I couldn't even get inner off without twisting the threaded portion of the torch off.
    So my questions are, can I replace any parts on the torch end or is it only sold as one complete piece? And where is everyone buying consumables at? Are they interchangeable with any other brands? Who makes this machine torch, Everlast or subbed out to someone else?

    Pics to show you the problem. Not sure why pics so big,,,I selected for forum.

    Sign I cut earlier, came out quite nice

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    Well talking to others I did find that the plunger in the torch head is sticking. Would that cause tips to burn up at a quicker pace?

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    It could. But torch stand off height, not having enough air flow, not installing an air dryer between the tank and the unit and using too little amperage for the consumable you have could all cause the issue.

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    Thanks for replying. Air is ok. I have a gauge at the machine regulator. As well as the machine shows good itself. Cutting height is .0600" and I run THC. I have a dryer between the compressor and the plasma unit. I had Amps set at 75 for the consumables that came with. So pretty much everything should have been ok, or quite close, hence my frustration as to why this happened.

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    Where is your swirl ring?

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    Not on during these pics. But it was.

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    It goes back to low air pressure. How much pressure were you running while cutting?

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    I'd have it set at 80, so once it was running it would drop to 72-74.

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