I just noticed this recent video review on the new Everlast Lightning 225.

It looks like they’re letting Man Cub do full reviews on his own now. Congratulations, Man Cub, that was a good overview of the unit and its key functions, which also showed how the new TFT Display is pretty easy to navigate.

So, yeah, the video title: “Could this be the best MTS welder yet?”, does posit an obvious fact or question. I mean, there is a Miller and an Esab unit that are comparable units. But I think Everlast is an obvious winner for due to value (sale priced about 33% less), features, and warranty length (5-year).

Stand out features, to me, are:

-TFT Digital Display

-Two most important waveforms (Square, and Triangle) included on AC TIG (making it an advanced AC TIG unit)

-6010 cellulose Stick capable

-Advanced MIG unit

Wow, something like this, priced at around $2000, was seemingly unimaginable or like a proverbial Black Swan in the welding marketplace only three years ago.

Rock On, Everlast!

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