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    I needed to use my POWER MTS 252 STI today . Plugged it in turned it on and it seems the Mode selection function is stuck in the mig mode. I bought this machine last year and it might have 25 hours on it. I was very impressed with this machine and the fact we were no longer held hostage by the red and blue. In fact I have sold all of the other equipment. Now it seems maybe I’m not so sure about the decision I made. This is basically a brand new machine and to have a failure so soon! Am I missing something? Does the mode selection function lock? I have a call into tech support but it is before “normal” operating hours and they are Ca based, so with this COVID thing I’m not very optimistic.
    Anybody have any imput?

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    No need for panic.

    Just call during 9-5, Pacific time.

    And let us all know back here if tech support got you going with verbal support or if something else is required.

    Maybe it's something as simple are disconnecting the MIG gun lead...
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Call tech support at ext 207. Likely they are swamped with calls since everyone is stuck at home "working" with their machines.

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