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Thread: lightning MTS 275 question

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    Default lightning MTS 275 question

    I have this unit, and when in stick mode after selecting the proper stick and weld material thickness the weld amps shown are not what the unit is welding with. in standard mode if the amps are showing lower, IE: 75 amps, this is what the welder is putting out. powerset mode shows 125 amps, standard mode shows 75 amps. until I raise the amps to 125 in standard mode and reselect powerset then the amp out shows appropriately. Does the powerset mode over ride the standard mode amp selection?
    Thanks all for your input,

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    The amps show different yes. Only the ancillary settings independent of Amps are adjustable.

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    Have you downloaded a manual yet from our website?

    You should set up your basic settings first, before entering power set mode. Then go to power set mode.

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    I talked with tech service, and sent a video to demonstrate the issue I am having. The said it appears to be a programming glitch. They said to fix this I would have to send in my control circuit board and they would program it and return it to me. What does this entail, and why don’t they just send me one out and I could just swap it out, and return mine to them? Also, I should ask is this something I can do?

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    Since the virus hit, even though we are in production, we have to make sure our stock and supplies last. It's better to reprogram a board than to send a new one out. The new boards are reserved currently for true failures. The board is plug and play so if I had to guess, 15 or 20 minutes is all it takes at most to change it out.

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    The Fabrication Series guy did a video showing an Everlast board replacement on a 210EXT (same model I have), which may help you gain a little confidence.

    I mean, you're undoubtedly past the 30-day portion of the warrantee period, so sending the whole unit back for free is no longer an option, unfortunately, on such a new unit.

    But, sending out the board for a swap is a low-cost option that you probably won't find from other welding unit sellers. And the coronavirus issue in Asia is an added aspect.

    On a happy note though, "China getting back to business as worst of coronavirus outbreak in country appears to be over."

    So, I'll suggest that you don't linger much, and follow the tech department advice to the letter, then just go for it!

    And please let us all know how it went.
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    I will gladly try your suggestions. I am not past my ‘30 day period’.

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    Well, you could insist that Everlast accepts the unit back for repair or replacement, on their dime. But that might take more time and trouble than to just try the board swap. Although, the board swap would undoubtedly burn up the 30-day period. So, maybe Everlast support staff will give you some allowance or consideration in keeping the 30-day "window" open beyond the actual 30-days while you're getting things squared away, so to speak. Otherwise, I'm confident that Everlast will make sure you have a perfectly operating unit soon.

    My initial purchase of an Everlast unit included sending one back while it was still in transit to me, so I could upgrade at a reasonable charge. They sent me a daughter board once too, even though I didn't ultimately use or need it. And so, I've enjoyed my 210EXT for over 5 years now. It still is an obvious best-value in class, I think, and I'd buy another if I ever wanted another advanced, digital TIG unit.

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    I will gladly try your suggestions. I am not past my ‘30 day period’.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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