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    Although I worked until 7:30 I decided to at least make a start on the new end suspension components. At the root, these will consist of a 1/2" plate on the top and bottom, with a C6 channel mounted vertically on one end. I'll weld on an outer and inner piece to that channel in order to increase the hub thickness and thus strength. But first thing's first: the root for one end. This was my fitup:

    I ran my usual 6010 root with 7018 fill and/or cap passes. Unfortunately due to the late start I could only manage to get the first root package completed. I should have gotten it into primer, but was in a rush to get inside and help the wife with the lil' un. Didn't even have enough time to snap a decent picture of it, but did manage to get one in passing as I was closing up shop for the night:

    There is no plan to grind any of these welds beyond slag removal. I know I got good penetration and since these welds will live behind a wheel and a tire (and because it's a gantry crane and not a show car) I'll just leave them as-is, then primer and paint right over them. Slag removal will be done, yes, but that'll be the extent of it. Kinda nice to not worry about grinding welds.

    Anyway that's all I have for tonight. Hope everyone is well.
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