Hi y'all-

Well I haven't posted in the Everlast forum in quite a while. It's been since the summer of 2018 if I recall correctly, which was when I bought my 275p.

The primary reason I bought that particular welder was because I wanted the power of the unit (amperage) as well as the ability to stick weld if I wanted. The warranty was the reason I went with Everlast, in the end. And the reason I wanted the higher power capability was that the first project I would use the new welder on was a gantry crane. Well, I am here to report that although it required the better part of an entire year to build (due to lack of time because of work primarily, but also due to weather (as this project was built entirely outside) and a design change along the way) I finally finished up my crane in October of last year. This is how it ended up:

Mind you, although the 275p is billed as a MIG welder that can also stick weld (in other words, Everlast seemed to indicate that the stick welding feature of the 275p was available, but not the best part of the welder itself) I chose to go with stick welding for this project. And the reason I did that was because it was built outside, sometimes in the wind. Often in the wind actually. Also, I wanted the digging penetration capability of the 6010, and since the 275p has a 6010 mode, that was another reason I chose this particular welder. I found that in this mode, an inverter based machine like the 275p can do just fine.

Anyway I thought I'd share the result. In retrospect, I probably should have posted as I went along with the project. It seems like I would have found more support on a welding forum than elsewhere. I digress.