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Thread: Managing Gas on Multi-Process welders.

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  1. Default Managing Gas on Multi-Process welders.

    I searched the forum but didn't find an answer.

    On a multi-process welder, what's the best way to manage multiple types of gas? For example, a MIG and TIG machine like the 251Si. I'd usually want 80/20 for MIG and 100% Argon for TIG. However, I certainly don't want to change tanks every time I switch process. That would get old really fast. Perhaps I could use a Wye fitting, connect the two tanks, then purge the line when switching process. Or, is there a better way?

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    The new lightning 275 has two inputs.
    But for mix, it really purges quite fast. The unit has two internal solenoids (251).

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    When I used a DC TIG/Stick/Plasma multi, I believe I had a Y-gate at the back to divert from the water-separator for the air compressor, but also a single quick-connect fitting for the Argon regulator hose and also the compressor hose, both of which were easily and quickly swapped on or off, i.e., no wrenching on delicate threads. If I recalled correctly, I think I left the female fitting on the hose ends.

    But I only have the 210EXT AC/DC TIG unit now, and I put a female quick connect on the back of the unit (exactly like it is on the front), with the male end on the regulator hose. So, I only have one regulator to deal with, which includes unthreading or rethreading at the regulator only.

    But, you probably have two regulators, one for Argon and one for the MIG mix.

    So, maybe the two quick connect fittings at the two hoses would be enough, fitted to a pigtail of sorts. I mean, I changed the solenoid on my 210EXT, to a US-produced one, so that it would accept more typical threads (NPT) for fitting that stuff up.

    Or, maybe the two quick-connect fittings, plus the Y-gate would seem better, just to have both hoses already connected.

    I like to use Otiker clamps on barbs like those, too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	13946 This is what I use on my MTS 251Si and MTS 221STi.

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    Ive been searching for a solution for this very problem and couldn't find much info on two bottle connected to one welder. I found tons of info on one bottle and two welders though, anyway I just ordered what should solve my problem from Amazon. I got a Y connector which fits my gas lines from my argon and c25 bottles, short gas hose, and adapter to connect a short hose from the Y to my Everlast MTS251si multi process unit. Everything fits standard hose ends and I'm just waiting on the short hose to connect to the welder. Hopefully this helps someone else. After trying too switch from TIG to MIG and I didn't connect the gas line which resulted in me emptying my c25 bottle into the air (Rookie move I know), I'm a home hobby welder and recently switched from a Lincoln MiG to the MTS251si. Anyway, I decided I needed to get a better method. I was already planning to do this but just could never find info of what exactly I needed.

    Here what I ordered, hope this helps someone else.

    Y Connector
    Argon Hose - 18"
    Fitting Adator

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    I use the same quick couplings that you find on compressed air hoses. I keep the 100%argon tank on my TIG cart and 75/25 on the MIG machine. I just put the two close to each other when I want to swap gas or mix gas to get a higher argon mix for spray arc. I've done this for about 10 years with no problems.
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    Guys. Ladies. It's simple. Google Western 411.

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    Yes sir, that's the valve I showed in #4!

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    Yep. You can also screw it directly to the unit.

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