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Thread: New Tungsten Sharpeners, Innovative, Priced Well

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    If you booger the tungsten up too bad, a flap-disc on an angle-grinder will do very well, in a pinch.
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    I just noticed this 3Mirrors seller on Amazon has refined their product even further, and also have their TIG tungsten sharping head fitted up with a rotary tool, so that nothing else is needed, priced around $149.

    Of course, I’m not shilling for or compensated by any seller of these products. I’m just a satisfied customer who is happy to pass along this info, since the typical offerings to TIG welders for these type of handheld tungsten sharpeners can usually be found for two or three times as much money.

    So, producers and the free market have created this new and increased value and supply, that will undoubtedly satisfy a demand in this area and free up extra funds for welders to lower their production costs a bit.

    And the further innovation for this latest grinding head is that they now offer a 24-hole unit, which gives numerous angles for numerous tungsten sizes without having to changes anything, i.e., just pick a hole and start grinding.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They still carry the 12-hole style one that I got some time ago, which sells for a cheaper price, at around $109 (with the rotary tool included). So, I’d probably go with the 24-hole one if I didn’t have the 12-hole one already and the extra Dremel tool for it, which was cheaper still without any rotary tool included. So, you can still get the heads alone, but not for very much less that with the rotary tool included, go figure. I mean, the rotary tool is probably priced around $12 at Harbor Freight.

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    But now they have the option for their new and old tungsten grinding heads, to include a rotary tool for an outstanding price and value.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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