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Thread: 2013 powerPlasma 50 - Nothing over 20Amps?? Torch volts way low too suddenly.

  1. Default 2013 powerPlasma 50 - Nothing over 20Amps?? Torch volts way low too suddenly.

    Hi all- For starters- This may not be a PP50 issue... It's all part of a CandCNC BladeRunner/Mach3 system.
    ISSUE: Suddenly- the cut quality went south... The Torch Volts- took a dive too. Nothing is as it was then cutting normally just a few weeks ago on last project.

    A) The CandCNC system has a Direct Current probe option which it has an internal test and calibration routine, which passed. So I 'think' it's not that part.

    B) talked to support to Mark tonight- Did not know that the unit starts in pilot-arc mode (20A) for a sec or two.. then Xfers into the current setting as set by the user. .. The Front Display only registers the user- setting. it does not offer any real-time display. (as was mentioned, but this 2013 unit does not).

    I replaced the Ground Clamp and new lead-in and bolt down. . Cleaned all contacts. Checked all wiring....

    C) I dialed the face from 50 to 19 (lowest settig) and no matter what, the current reads the same every time. Torch Volts set to 110V consistent for years is now in the 70's and 80's and seems to be up down to maintain .06 cut heights.. crazy fluctuations.... Sometimes it hit 107.. Torch sinkes and break away till it stops.

    So- I am thinking there is some 'Xfer' circuity that takes the unit from Pilot DC current mode (20amps), then switches into User Setting-based current .... Anyone have thoughts or opinion. recall - this is NOT a HF start. S45 Machine torche from Everlast. Trifimet unit.

    Looking for a DC amp meter I can use to verify the CandCNC DCP is working. My inline only goes to 10A. The Fluke 325 AC/DC A-clamp on to 400amps is $$$ 290. Ouch but boy do folks love it. reads down the 50ma... for those leakers. Hmmmm Xmas early???
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    Check out the new HF lines of meters. Pretty solid reviews.

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    Thanks Mark! Sent you a PM over at TractorbyNet too... appreciate the HF tip. The CM610A is equiv and does up to 600A AC or DC T-RMS clamp on (need to validate the clamp on part still). either way heading up there now.

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    Let us know how it works for you and what results you get.

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    I certainly will. So we add to the mix here ... I went w/ this one from Klein. IT'll be here tomorrow. A few bucks more and a great YT review sold me.

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    Let us know how it works for you and what results you get.

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    OK. DC current meter in-house, and connected. Short run Video URL below. Essentially, notice the front display- On this 2013 model, I have never observed the front panel display anything other than the static current USER setting. My observation on current flow was always observed via the CandCNC current probe to Mach3 display. At this point, I think I'm not cutting over from 'pilot arc' to controller knob setting Current. (40 in the video for example).

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    Call the guys over at ext 207. They likely have some diagnostic instructions on figuring that out.

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    Yep/. spent the day w/ x207 Some email back and forth then we chatted. All over it! Thanks. Display board cometh... we'll try it..

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