I did weld a small piece of tube to the back of this same trailer with a Lincoln I got from Lowe’s just before this so technically my second. The welder stopped working and I had to return it so I don’t count it. Luckily I have a friend who builds industrial machines and he lets me come down with whatever I need done and one of his guys does it for me. This time I took the trailer down which needed a new neck and he set me up and said have at it. Here’s the results. I left the c channel underneath and welded down it also. It has far more contact points now than before. You can see the original neck has repair metal on the sides. The week before I picked up a load of compost and it snapped. I was at a real farm and they had a welder and some scrap steel. I kind of got the welding bug after this and I’m looking to get one for my house. In reality I got lucky because it could of snapped off going down the road. You could put your thumb through the square tubing in lots of spots.

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