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Thread: Questions on plasma 100s cnc

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    So I'm getting ready to buy a plasma cutter for my CNC machine and have a few questions. Hypertherm dominates this niche but I already have a powerpro 256 which has been amazing. I just want to make sure this cutter will do everything I need.

    I've read about these ohmic sensors for auto torch hight control. Hypertherm has a specific part to purchase to allow it to work. Doesn't look hard to make but searching around doesn't seem to give me any examples of people making this thing. How can I add it to the 100s? On a side note, I've read on here that I can retrofit a hypertherm CNC gun but can't find any information on how to do that.

    It doesn't say in the manual or on the website if the CNC spec'd machine comes with a plug for the CNC control. I can't even find where to order it. Am I supposed just jamb the wires in the correct port?

    How well does this unit perform cutting the thicker materials? Like 1” or more? I see its recommended for 3/4" but checking to see how it compares vs a hypertherm unit.

    Thanks guys for all your help. I'm hoping this unit works out!

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    I would hit the Everlast section of and/or some of the other forums that may apply to your Q's.

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    The unit has a plug for cnc connection if you buy the package. All units have a socket. The units have divided and raw arc voltage for thc.

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