I have A Miller spoolmatic 30A spool gun converted to the Euro style plug used on most European welders, I set it up on a everlast 250S, you can read about this here on this forum, just do a search for Miller spoolmatic 30 A, System Works excellent but I ended up with a new Parker spool gun as payment for a welding job and as I'm retiring I don't really need two guns, also upgraded to the Miller fastip system and also has a full leather shield, I have several bags of tips that will go with the sale, photos are available upon request.
Gun works excellent in 0.30, 0.35, 0.45 or heavier steel or aluminum wire, excellent spool gun for doing aluminum, 100% duty cycle at 250 amps, if you're in my area you're welcome to make an appointment and give it a try, photos are available and I will ship, shipping cost is exactly what they charge me I don't make money off of shipping. will accept paypal for payment or you can pay in person. Item is located in Bow Washington, northwest corner of Washington State. Price is $675 and is slightly negotiable, meet that price I will pay for shipping.
I'm running an ad on craig's list in Seattle as of yesterday if you wanna see some photos quick.
Also in the next coming weeks I'm going to be selling some other equipment including lathes, Mills, new Morris taper large drill bits, Ellis 9400 drill press, precision drill tap machines, various saws, marine diesel engines and transmissions, various other used and new marine hardware, just all sorts of stuff, remember he who dies with the most tools wins :-).
You can call me at (360)-420-0296 or E mail me at: bkravis@gotsky.com or send me your contact information and I will call you.
Thanks: bill K