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Thread: 35 year wait is over

  1. Smile 35 year wait is over

    Hi. my mts 221sti finally showed up yesterday, after waiting 35 years. actually it got here a month after i ordered it. and thankfully i one piece. ive dreamed of haveing a welder like this ever since the 70s when i first used a welder. im self taught. my currant welder was made in the 50s, like me. ac stick, i got for a 100$ and a 99$ harbor freight cored wire, i rescued from the trash. bad liner tube. i used a wound choke cable jacket. works great. now i gotta get a argon? bottle, and some rods and spools. gonna try out some 7018s my currant machine wont start. take care. TIC.

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    That 221STi is a great leap into the future and onto the cutting edge of welding units.

    I mean, I believe it even has a 6010 mode. And that added Triangular waveform for AC TIG will come in handy for thinner aluminum. Synergic MIG as well.

    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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