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    Just upgraded from a 210ext to a 325ext and have a question. Is there a way to use the 2t or 4t functions to create a spot weld? The 255ext has this function as an option any suggestions on how to do this
    Thanks in advance

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    I have the 210EXT too, which doesn't have the Spot feature, not that I've ever wished it did.

    But if I ever had a desire to do a long series spot welds on lapped sheet metal with the 210EXT, I'd get some of those special alumina cups with the stand-offs, then probably set the machine starting amps and ending amps to the exact same amperage as the panel shows and is appropriate for a two second tack-spot weld in 2T mode.

    Or, set for whatever amperage and number of seconds is fitting for whatever particular application you have.

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    You will have to be the spot timer using the torch switch or foot pedal. It just takes a bit of practice to learn to get consistent duration welds.
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    Right, in 2T mode you probably wouldn't need to set start or ending amps. Just getting the panel amps and timing right, I suppose.
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    Thanks for your help I’ll try some settings this weekend

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    I was looking for a setting that would give instant amps, not ramp like the foot pedal

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    I've never used a pedal in 2T mode, but I'm sure it'll act only as an initial contactor switch in 2T mode. You'll undoubtedly have to keep the pedal slightly depressed for whatever number of seconds to keep the arc on though.

    Or you could use the finger contact switch in the same way on 2T.

    I mean, that's actually the only way I used to use my off-brand, DC-only TIG unit, as it didn't come with the optional foot pedal, and I never bought one, as running TIG beads on DC without a pedal is not much trouble at all. Of course, there was no down-slope, though.

    So, switch to 2T mode, set the panel at a fitting number of amps, then "hit it and get it", for a few seconds.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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