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    I received the unit last night very pleased with everything so far. Upon reading the flowmeter literature it mentions only using Argon or co2 in another spot it mentions argon with argon/co2. My question is the flowmeter co2 or just argon/co2?

    Also where can I source a .023 liner for the 25 series gun.

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    The flowmeter will work with a variety of gas mixtures. The calibration is a bit different depending on what gas. Usually the flowmeter will be marked in Argon that works for pure Argon and most Argon blends like C25 and 98/2, etc. There might also be a scale calibrated for pure CO2 that is offset from the Argon scale by a little bit.
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    Appreciate the reply it is marked both but wanted to confirm.

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    Flow meter that came with PP205si has square flow tube. On one face it has Argon flow rate. On another face it has CO2 flow rate. Other two faces are blank.
    You can see Argon face flow rate bars differ slightly from CO2 face flow rate bars in position. I am guessing for a Argon / CO2 mix you would have to Guess estimate flow rate by using both faces.

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