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    I ordered the iMig 200E on 3/3/2019 and on 3/8/2019, I received an email stating that the item ordered is out of stock and sorry for the inconvenience.
    I looked at the page with the 200E again and the price has gone back to 625.00 from 500.00 and I am guessing I got lucky and bought the machine while on sale. To me, this explains why this product is out of stock. I was actually looking to see if the item was labeled "OUT OF STOCK" on the webpage but it is not.

    My question is how long should I expect a backorder for this product because I really don't want to pick a different machine like suggested in the email and end up paying more money.. I would rather just wait if possible. Thanks in advance for any/all help on this matter.


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    I'm guessing that Everlast gets shipments about once a month and more.

    But, some people don't want to wait 30 days, or less.

    If you're in a hurry to get a unit, call Everlast and ask if you can get similar, in-stock unit at a somewhat similar value. And they could undoubtedly give you a slight upcharge, to a better unit too.

    That's what I did, initially, when I bought a PT185DV via Amazon. And while it was still enroute to me, I called Everlast directly, and asking if they could redirect it back to their warehouse, because I thought I had "underbought" somehow, as I did then decide that I wanted a more advanced and higher output unit.

    So, Everlast was happy to accommodate me in the upgrade, at an equitable charge.

    That was four years ago, and I've been an Everlast fan since.

    So, I recommend that you don't get too uptight. It may even be a good thing that that unit isn't in stock, as it gives you an opportunity to upgrade, even before you get it. Ha, ha, ha...

    Getting a new welding unit can have some anxiety. But savor it as happy anxiety...
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    All you need to do is call ext 201, 202, 210 or 208 to find out when the units will be in stock. That way you'll hear it direct.

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    I called today. Was greeted by a very nice lady who told me the expected shipment is going to be around May 1st. Was told also that I could upgrade to the iMig200 (CC/CV) machine for I think 200.00 more and I may do that but I have several weeks to make my mind up. Either way I am ok with the wait and I have wanted to start my Everlast collection for a while. A little while longer will not bother me. Thanks for replying. See you in the forums!

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    A little update..

    at the end of last week, I received an email from Katya about the I-Mig200e being out of stock and will be until around mid April to the beginning of May. also in the email I was offered the upgrade for the CC/CV I-Mig200 and that this model is in stock currently. ..after some time of deciding which machine i really want.. .. I called today and tried to get in touch with Katya from the email but she wasn't available. I ended up speaking with Natalia.. who set up the additional charge for the upgrade and was very kind and easy to work and communicate with. I was told to expect my new I-Mig200 at my house about Wednesday of next week.

    I would like to rate the sales team at Everlast 10 out of 10 on the whole experience. In total, I called and spoke to a real person, 3 times over a span of two weeks. The conversations were very professional and flowed nicely from beginning to end. It went exactly as one would expect it to. I will be doing more business with Everlast in the future for sure. I have several items/consumables/parts I will buy for this machine and my next big purchase will be my watercooled TigRig. Needless to say, Everlast has my business for welding products hands down. I have already told many co-workers about my new purchase and how they should consider buying a green machine themselves. I know for a fact one person is eyeing a plasma cutter for his personal/side business use just earlier this week.

    I hope this thread can give insight to new buyers when considering purchasing a new Everlast welder. Even though sometimes things happen (Out of Stock), it doesn't mean it has to be a bad experience.

    Kind Regards

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